Mapesbury, NW2

This new build, 2 storey house has been designed as an extension of an existing garage which occupied the bottom of the client's garden. The garage's form has been extrapolated and a low single storey front projection added. Format administered a series of planning applications and appeals to achieve, planning permission and have now taken the project through to construction, due to be completed later this year. The design features a sunken ground floor which allows sufficient space for 2 bedroom in the roof space, both with an average head height of at least 2.3m despite the canted ceilings. The eaves space is utilised as storage at the front of the house and to provide roof-lights to the rear of the ground floor, where the house sits up against the boundary with the neighbouring garden behind.

website size chatsworth road front elevation render2

website size autosave 2chatsworth master orientated north ne view edges

website size chatsworth kitchen perspective no shadow

website size chatsworth hallway perspective heavy edges

website size chatsworth master rooflight and stairs clearer

website size chatsworth master orientated northhd